Modern Slavery

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Modern Slavery, Ethics & Compliance

Strainsense Limited operates a Code of Conduct which sets out the standards of behaviour to which we all work. We maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct across the entire business.

All team members are required to review and sign up to this Code of Conduct including all management & team leaders. This policy is reviewed and updated annually.

The suppliers to Strainsense must also be made aware of the Code of Conduct and commit to them.


We shall comply with applicable Uk laws and observe the highest ethical standards.

Modern Slavery, Human Rights & Human Trafficking

We shall respect human rights such as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and shall avoid and prevent any human right abuses.

Strainsense do not engage in any form of human trafficking or use forced labour in the performance of any of it's contracts and takes all reasonable measures within its power to ensure that its suppliers, employees, advisors, and agents follow the same practice.

We will not engage or employ people against their free will.

Child Labour

We will not use child labour. The term "child" refers to persons below the age of 15. Exceptions are governmental approved job training, apprenticeships, or similar programs in a limted time frame. Persons under 18 shall not perform hazardous work such as with dangerous/electrical machinery, equipment tools or handling or transportation of heavy loads or exposure to hazardous substances.


We will treat all individuals with dignity and respect. We do not accept discrimination due to e.g. gender, age, religion, marriage status, ethnicity, race, colour, disability, sexual orientation and political standpoint.

Bribery and Extortion

We will under no circumstances directly or indirectly accept, offer or receive bribes. Nor will we accept corruption in any form.

As a rule we do not receive nor do we give gifts with a value of over (£50.00). Gifts above this limit must be approved by Management & team leaders


Strainsense compete fairly and vigorously in its market sector and it will not engage in, nor is party to, any agreements, business practices or conduct that, as a matter of law, are anti-competitive.

Confidential Information.

We will ensure that confidential information from customers or regarding employees will be kept in a safe place.

Employees are not allowed to share issues related to specific customer orders, customer relationships and intellectual property with persons not employed by StrainSense, however, projects can be discussed with relevant external business partners if required, under observation of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Protection of the Environment

We will conduct our business in order to protect the environment and in accordance ISO14001. Reuse of materials, repair, saving power, water, material etc. and sorting waste must be conducted where possible.

Health and Safety Standards

We will work according to latest health and safety standards.

Prohibited Products

We will not produce parts or share knowhow used for mass destruction, landmines, chemical warfare and for customers or end-users in countries with civil wars and countries listed in the UN arms embargo. We will at all times follow the guidelines of The UK Government regarding embargos and prohibited products.

Strainsense expects employees to bring any suspected or actual breach of this code promptly to management attention. Any employee making such information known to management through the appropriate procedures will not face any adverse or unfavourable treatment for such disclosure.