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Accelerometers or vibration sensors are used to directly measure the acceleration or vibration of a test piece and indirectly measure velocity, displacement and tilt/inclination. There are two main categories of accelerometer the first utilise piezoelectric technology and are either amplified internally (IEPE/ICP®/CCLD accelerometers) or unamplified (charge mode accelerometers). The second incorporate MEMS sensing elements, allowing for static accelerations to be captured and include Capacitive and Piezoresistive accelerometers. StrainSense offer a wide range of accelerometers, including single-axis, biaxial and triaxial varieties for use in a number of applications, such as Crash, R&D, Rail, Military, Aerospace, Automotive Testing and Industrial Monitoring. Our accelerometers are fully customisable, with options for different body shapes and materials, cable and connector outlets, frequency response, acceleration and temperature ranges.