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Mounting Accessories

We offer a wide range of accessories specifically designed to enhance the performance and usability of your accelerometers. Accurate measurement of acceleration requires careful consideration of mounting techniques to ensure optimal signal integrity. Our selection of mounting solutions and cables is meticulously crafted to meet the demanding requirements of vibration and motion sensing applications. Mounting an accelerometer securely and correctly is essential to capture accurate data. Whether you need to measure vibration in industrial machinery, perform structural analysis, or conduct automotive testing, our assortment of mounting options provides you with versatile solutions. From adhesive mounting bases and magnetic mounts to stud mounts and mounting pads, we have the right solution to suit your specific needs. These accessories not only ensure proper sensor attachment but also offer stability, durability, and ease of installation.

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Accelerometer Mounting & Rare Earth Bases


Accelerometer Mounting & Rare Earth Bases

Mounting & rare-earth bases

  • For IEPE and charge mode
  • Mounting
  • Insulating flanges
  • Rare-earth magnetic bases
Accelerometer Stud bolts & Adapters-1


Accelerometer Stud bolts & Adapters

Mounting stud bolts & adapters

  • For IEPE and charge mode
  • Mounting stud bolts
  • Adapters
Accelerometer Adhesives & Sensor Probes


Accelerometer Adhesives & Sensor Probes

Adhesives & probes

  • For IEPE and charge mode
  • Adhesive beeswax
  • Adhesive cyanoacrylate
  • Sensor probes
Triaxial Mounting Cube Family


Accelerometer Mounting Cubes

Mounting cubes

  • Mounting cube M3
  • Mounting cube M5
  • Mounting cube M8
  • Mounting cube M10
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